Mystery Red Dust Over Southeast Texas

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A mysterious red dust blanketed part of Southeast Texas over the weekend and left many residents scratching their heads.   Residents across Houston and neighboring areas lined up a car washes to remove the red dirt covering their automobiles.  Facebook and Twitter came alive with comments and photos describing the weirdness.


red dirt over Southeast Texas

Red Dust Theories

There were multiple theories as to the origin of the red dirt over Houston, but nothing has been demonstrated beyond speculation.  Some quickly suggested that the red dirt over Southeast Texas was pollen blowing in from Texas Hill Country.  Others suggested that the red dirt covering their cars was due to sand and clay rising into the atmosphere and blowing in from West Texas.  The third and final theory suggests that the red dirt blew in from much showers which it taken place recently in Mexico.  ABC affiliate KTRK’s Travis Herzog stands firmly behind the third theory and said, ” a tweet was sent out by the National Weather Service in Brownsville just a few days ago. They noted a very large dust and sand cloud originating from Mexico, just south of the border. The strong southwesterly winds we had Saturday could have transported the dust in this direction. And here’s the kicker: most people say it looked like a dirty or rusty rain. The rain showers in the past 24 hours have all come from the southwest where that dust cloud was observed.” 


Of course there have been multiple alternative theories including debris from chemtrails, etc. but there has not yet been a published chemical analysis of the red dirt.  Maybe something will be published soon.



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